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At Abraham, Blasio & Co., Inc, our mission is to help our clients solve problems that could negatively affect their lives, families, businesses, and financial security. Unpaid tax debt, if not dealt with in a timely fashion, is one such threat to the things you value. For most people, dealing with tax matters is intimidating. It is often tempting to put letters from tax authorities aside to deal with “later.” If you have been in this situation, you know that the longer you wait to deal with tax issues, the harder it is to do so.

The Tax Resolution Specialists team at Abraham, Blasio & Co., Inc helps individuals and businesses resolve their tax problems, from back taxes, interest, and penalties to dealing with Internal Revenue and State Revenue Services errors. We help you understand your legal rights and work with you to successfully resolve your tax issues. We know how daunting tax proceedings can be, and we do everything possible to relieve not only the burden of your tax debt, but the stress that comes with it.

“Abraham, Blasio & Co., Inc’s vision remains the same – To remove the hassle and confusion that comes from managing your tax burden effectively..”



Our doors are open to all businesses -
the diversity of our client base makes us
better at what we do.


We believe strong business relationships
are founded on honest and transparent


Our ever-evolving approach to problem
solving yields results and sets us apart
from the pack.


Relevant and precise communication
enriches our client relationships and
builds better businesses.

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