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Penalty Abatement

If the Internal Revenue Service has assessed a penalty against you for failure to comply with tax rules, you’re not alone. In 2012, the IRS assessed a total of $26.8 billion dollars in penalties against 37.9 million taxpayers. Sometimes circumstances prevent you from meeting your obligations to the IRS despite your best efforts. If that […]

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Corporate Tax Preparation Services

The IRS mandates all corporations to file taxes annually irrespective of whether the corporation turned a profit during the fiscal year. Corporate tax returns are required for companies that have incorporated as C-corporations or S-corporations. The majority of business owners choose these corporate structures because of there many added bonuses such as the ability for the business to pay taxes on profits instead of the […]

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Garnishment and Levy Release Services

Having money removed from your bank account or your paycheck by IRS is not entirely new. This money is called ‘levy’ when it is removed from your bank account, and ‘wage garnishment’ if from your paycheck. When this happens, there are ways to go about it. You can ask the IRS to remove the levy, […]

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Offer in Compromise

When individuals and businesses do not have the ability to pay a tax debt, the offer in compromise is the IRS’s mechanism for reaching a settlement. It’s not universally approved and there are a lot of requirements that go into obtaining approval if you submit one, but the process is navigable with the right help […]

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